How to Choose Your Sunglasses like a Pro

When it comes to wearing sunglasses as a fashion accessory, there are amateurs and there are pros. You can tell both just by looking at them. An amateur thinks he’s got the right pair of sunglasses while the pro knows she’s definitely got it going on. What’s the difference? Knowing what works right for you.

If you want to wear your sunglasses like a pro, you have to choose them like a pro as well. That’s easier said than done though. Below are some tips intended to help you do it the right way. Before we get to them, let’s take a brief moment and talk about eye protection.

The main reason for wearing sunglasses is to protect against direct sunlight and UV rays, explains Olympic Eyewear. So before you consider anything else, commit to not settling for anything less than a pair of sunglasses with a rating of UV 400 and lenses dark enough to protect your eyes against direct sunlight.

Tip #1: The Cheek Test

Style experts say that sunglasses touching the cheekbones is a no-no. This tip comes in handy for anyone looking to buy oversized sunglasses. However, we would take it one step further. We would say that sunglasses shouldn’t touch the cheeks at any point. The frames should sit comfortably on the face without coming into contact with anything but the temples and nose.

Tip #2: The Wide Area Test

Next, frames should never be wider than the face. It’s okay for them to be parallel to the face on both sides but extending beyond the sides of the face is a fashion faux pas. Why? Because frames extending beyond the sides of the face dominate the facial area. They are too big.

Tip #3: The Smile Test

Hopefully you are the kind of person who smiles frequently. If not, work on that before you buy your next pair sunglasses. Otherwise, put every potential pair through the smile test before you make a purchase decision. The goal here is to have a pair that sits comfortably on the nose without riding up to the bridge of the nose when you smile.

What would make frames ride up the nose? Being so large that they come in contact with the face when you smile. Note that a pair of sunglasses can pass the cheek test and still fail the smile test.

Tip #4: The Eyebrow Test

This test is pretty straightforward. According to experts, sunglasses should never completely cover the eyebrows. A little bit here and there is acceptable, but if frames are so big that they cover the eyebrows entirely, they are much too big. They will dominate your face just as easily as frames that are too wide.

Test #5: The Squinting Test

The previous four tests are designed to help you identify frames that are too big. As for frames that are too small, there is but one test to worry about: the squinting test. If the frames are so small that you would end up squinting to keep the sun out of your eyes, there is no point in wearing those sunglasses. Not only will they not offer you adequate protection against the sun, but the constant squinting will also make you look old before your time.

Wearing sunglasses like a pro starts with choosing them like a pro. Hopefully these tips have you thinking in the right direction. Just remember this: it may be better to look good than to feel good, but never compromise on UV protection. UV protection is the most important factor for sunglasses.

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