Here’s Why You Need To Be Bothered About Sustainable Fashion!

Like any other industry, fashion does impact our lives in many ways, and it also affects the environment and our planet. In the last couple of decades, there has been enough discussion on fast fashion norms need to change, and why sustainable fashion is the thing for the future. For the uninitiated, sustainable fashion refers to the practice of sustainability in the world of fashion. There are various ways and aspects to it, but it is relevant to all of us. Here’s why.

How fast fashion is ruining it?

Did you know that more than 50% of fast fashion is discarded within the first year? Studies also reveal that just 1% of all is being recycled, which means that the rest of it is left to rot. Don’t be surprised to find that fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world. You can check more such facts at While sustainable fashion may seem like a buzz term for now, it really can change the way we look at this industry. The concept may have germinated a long time back, but it really started to make sense in late 1980s, when brands started to focus on the fibers that go in creating textile.

Opting for sustainable fashion

There are varied ways to make a move towards sustainable fashion. Besides sustainability of a material, many things like production process, the recyclability and reusability of the fiber are aspects to consider. The total carbon footprint of the concerned material also makes an impact. As a consumer, you have to take your call, as well. For example, consider the brand that you are supporting and the kind of philosophies they follow. Also make fashion choices wisely. Do not throw away clothing that’s already in your closet – There are people and charities in need. Also, you will now find organizations that are focusing on recycling, so by donating your stuff there, you can prevent clothing from entering the garbage bins.

Producing fewer new items and reusing and recycling what’s already here is the best approach to sustainable fashion. The type of fashion products your use, the detergents and fabric conditioners and everything else you select should have the least impact on the planet. Think of this as a step towards the next generation that’s likely to have a bigger problem at hand, especially if we don’t pledge support for the concern now.

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