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The last thing you want to do is to shell out several thousand dollars just to realize later that you’ve bought a fake watch that is totally worthless. The thought that people are being scammed, their hard-earned money goes to the crooks who feed the counterfeit market, which makes our blood boil.

Avoid any worries and shop at My Gift Stop watches for sale, they have a team that checks and authenticates each of our watches. Here are our tips to check if your watch is genuine.

Obvious mistakes

You would be surprised at how easy it is to locate when it comes to fake watches. Obvious mistakes are the easiest to spot. It could be spelling mistakes, yes, it happens! There could be obvious differences in the design of the watch. For example, many fake Rolex watches have a clear case, whereas in fact, only a few Rolex models have a clear case.

Request a certificate of authenticity

Buying a watch of this caliber is not like buying a Casio, a watch like that is surely accompanied with papers. Be sure to ask your seller for the certificate. Not only will this tell you that your watch is genuine, but it will also indicate authenticity to the next buyer if you want to sell it in the future. It is possible to sell a watch without a certificate, but it can be more difficult.

Search the seller

Who is selling you this watch? A general retailer who sells gadgets, second-hand games, mobile phones and second-hand watches is a risk. They are unlikely to have any experience with the luxury watch market, even if they wanted it, they probably cannot advise you.

The safest way to buy a used watch is and they advise you to always deal with the sellers through us. This is because we check and check every watch on this site to ensure authenticity. Buy with confidence with them!

Play the game “Find the difference”

Find pictures of what this watch is supposed to look like, and get the pictures of the original seller if you can. Look carefully at the case, the engraving, the face, and the marks and look for any inaccuracies. The replicas will not be made with the same care as a real luxury watch. Careful inspection will reveal errors and errors that will alert you to the fact that you are dealing with a fake watch.

Weigh the watch

The quality of the material used on second-hand luxury watches is impeccable. The highest quality of steel, gold and platinum gives the watches luxury their weight. Most replicas are made with inferior metals and generally you can tell the difference simply by weighing the watch. If you have experience, you may be able to tell the difference simply by managing a real watch against a replica. Beware of lightweight watchers that are cheap.

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