Beauty Confession

It’s normal for some people to say that they are fine with anything being offered to them. I used to be one of those because I felt that it is rude or simply wrong to say no or to voice out your opinion on anything. I was fine until I couldn’t take it anymore. I suffered greatly and there was no one else to blame but myself. I am allergic to nuts and I found it hard to tell everyone as some of them think I am lying or just simply making up excuses not to accept their gift. The worst case scenario is, I work in the beauty industry and some people find it hard to believe that I have a nut allergy. I used to be so bothered by this nut allergy and I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it in the open. The reason is I want to avoid questions that might jeopardize my job as a Beauty Analyst. All the pressure and uncertainty came to an end when Petite n Pretty came along. I was finally able to free myself from prejudice. Not only did they create nut-free makeup but they create something remarkable with never-ending positive possibility when it comes to cosmetics.

Kudos to Petite n Pretty for creating nut-free makeup. All their formulas are developed without nuts and nut proteins, including almond, beech nut, Brazil nut, butternut, cashew, chestnut, chinquapin, coconut, hazelnut, ginkgo nut, hickory nut, lychee nut, macadamia nut, pecan, peanuts, pine, pili nut, pistachio, shea nut, and walnut. This is amazing because people like me will have one less important matter to worry about. Children will be the most important beneficiary of this amazing product as it is actually created for them. Petite n Pretty made their product all safe for kids. They make non-toxic makeup and that is simply something the public should be made aware and look forward to. Moms won’t have to restrict their kids in using this non-toxic perfectly safe makeup as they know that it will never cause harm in their children. As a Beauty Analyst, this product is not just for people like me who have a nut allergy but for everyone who aims to have a beautiful carefree life.

Petite n Pretty create hypoallergenic makeup. The products are also well-packaged and unbelievably cute in all levels. Their hair and body glitter have its own custom sized applicator suitable for kids as young as five years old. There is nothing to worry as Petite n Pretty got the stamp of approval trifecta which is pediatrician approved, dermatologist approved, and ophthalmologist approved. The best hypoallergenic makeup there is for kids. Their 9021-SNOW! Brush Set is currently working it! This is a limited edition and it has 5 piece holiday gift set of eye and cheek brushes. It also contains a brow and lashes spoolie all wrapped in a faux-fur, faux-leather brush roll. The most amazing thing about it is it can be cleaned just as easily as waving off a magic wand! I consider this as pro-grade as it is made with super soft, cruelty-free bristles for pro-level artistry at yours or anyone’s fingertips. I am enthralled by this safe kids makeup. Not only did they make me feel safe but they gave me an assurance of my future kids safety as well.

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